New page on late innovations to the runes

One of my interests is how late medieval and early modern poets and scribes continued to propagate information about runes, and occasionally tweak things here and there, like by adding new names and kennings to runes that previously were merely variants of others.

The earliest ones mentioned here picked up and are copied with somewhat high frequency (though are not universal). Others look like they are late innovations that couldn’t carve out a permanent place for themselves, but are interesting inventions anyway.

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Hiding runes in poetry

Sorry for the lack of activity, I’ve been very busy with school lately.

I just posted a short description of a practice described better in an Icelandic article from the journal Skírnir regarding hidden messages in rímur using rune names. I’ve noticed that the heathen community seems to have “discovered” the late medieval/early modern Icelandic runic tradition but there is not much written about it, and especially not in English. I thought this might help put in context the massive lists of rune kennings found in the manuscripts.

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