Some folktales

This is kind of off-topic to the rest of the stuff on this website, but we had already done these and I don’t have a folktales website, so we thought it couldn’t hurt to put them here, since a lot of people into Norse language and runes also have an interest in folklore.

My friend and I (mostly my friend) picked out a handful of stories we liked from a couple of Icelandic folklore collections and translated them for another friend of ours. To my knowledge, these haven’t been translated to English before, but I could be wrong. The originals were found in collections by Sigfús Sigfússon and Þorsteinn M. Jónsson (attributions given on individual pages).

Here is the list. Right now there are six stories.

I don’t have specific plans to add to these but if anyone is interested in more, or stories related to a particular topic, let me know, but it will probably take a while to respond.


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