Recently a friend of mine was asked by another friend about some Icelandic folk tales. We picked out a bunch that sounded interesting from a couple of folklore collections and did some rough translations for the other friend. We didn’t make much attempt to level out weird syntax or tense changes so some of the language is a little funky.

This isn’t totally relevant for this website but we figured if we had them we might as well share them with more than just one person. This was mostly done by my friend rather than me, but she suggested I post it here.

Ástagaldur (‘Love-Magic’)
Flagðaspá (‘Prophecy of the Ogress’)
Ljósmóðurstörf Höllu (‘Halla’s Midwife Work’)
Lokatár (‘Loki’s tear(s)’)
Völvuleiði í Álftafirði (‘The Völva’s Burial Mound in Álftafjörður’)
Völvuleiði í Suðursveit (‘The Völva’s Burial Mound in Suðursveit’)


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