Völvuleiði í Álftafirði

From Íslenskar Þjóðsögur og Sagnir, vol. 5. collected by Sigfús Sigfússon, p. 115.

Völvuleiði í Álftafirði (‘The Völva’s Mound in Álftafjörður’)

In the property of Flugustaður in Álftafjörður in Suður-Múlasýsla, opposite to Hof and south of Hofs river, is a pointy-shaped hill which is called Völvuleiði. It is clear in the winter and hot in the summer and always green. There, not far away, is so-called Bríkarhellir (‘Seat-edge Cave’). Both of these names are from the black ancient times. There is an ancient tale that a seiðkona who was very largely built, and because of that perhaps a troll-woman, might have lived in this cave. You can still see today her bed and it is way mightier than those that human people need. An edge of a rock is in front of the bed from which the cave gets its name. In the later years of her life, it is said that this völva had asked that she would be given a heathen burial, where later is her burial mound. She so spoke, that never would Álftafjörður get robbed or that a death would come of hard times while her mound would stand there visible and untouched. And people have not thought it advisable to disturb the guardian of the county who has so faithfully kept her promise. And there is no risk that the people of Álftafjörður want to risk their county now more than before. These caves are said to be three and they are called Flugustaðahellar.


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